Couple in Belgium talks about impact of attacks with FOX 61

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BRUSSELS --Brussels is just the latest European city terrorists have targeted.

Belgians have been on edge since the Paris attacks because police raids have been ongoing in the Brussels area. The most recent one happening this past weekend with the capture of Paris terrorist suspect, Salah Abdeslam.

You can find more on the Brussels attacks here. 

FOX 61's John Charlton lived in Belgium while going to high school. He reached out to close family friends over there, Robin and Marlyse Isacson, who live right outside of Brussels and near the airport.

Just hours after the attacks, they discussed the mood in Belgium via Skype.

"Everybody hopes it's not going to happen, but it wasn't unlikely, let's face it, and after they got this guy over the weekend, there could be some revenge," Robin Isacson said.

"We would go to Brussels often and have dinner there and sit on terraces and now you will think twice to go into town," Marlyse Isacson said.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, heightening fears about the group's organization.