People in Brussels, around the world mourn after terrorist attacks

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BRUSSELS — People across Brussels, the entire country of Belgium, Europe and around the world are mourning the loss of at least 34 people who were killed in two terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday morning explosions went off at an airport and train station in Brussels, and dozens were injured in addition to those who were killed.

Vigils have been created all over the world to honor those who were lost, and to show solidarity with Brussels.

In Brussels, flowers, candles, chalk writings, crosses and other items were left at the Place de la Bourse.

You can find more on the Brussels attacks here. 

Meanwhile, some of Europe’s best-known monuments have been illuminated with Belgium’s national colors in a show of solidarity.

At nightfall Tuesday, the Eiffel Tower in Paris lit up in the black, yellow and red colors of the Belgian flag.

Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate, which after the November attacks in Paris was illuminated with the French colors of red, white and blue, also was lit up in Belgian colors. A few blocks away, some people laid flowers and lit candles outside the Belgian Embassy.

And in Italy, Rome’s Trevi Fountain joined in the show of Belgium’s national colors.