Rep. Esty reunites sisters separated by immigration laws for 10 years

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BURLINGTON–A Connecticut politician has had a huge hand in helping a family torn apart because of immigration laws reunite.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty is helping the family of Jimena Dolzadelli, of Burlington. Dolzadelli is a naturalized citizen who originated from Argentina, but moved here in 1996. Her sister, Dionisia Florit, stayed behind to take care of their mother.

Florit has visited her sister over the years, and never overstayed her travel visas, but when she applied for another tourist visa to visit 10 years ago she was denied, and no explanation was offered. She wanted to visit again, especially since she hasn’t met Dolzadelli’s twin 8-year-old boys, but she was afraid of being turned away.

Esty wrote a letter of support to the U.S. ambassador of Argentina in support of Florit’s application, and in January she finally was approved to visit. In fact, she was just here, and spent three weeks getting to know her nephews.

“I sent an email to Rep. Esty, and within a day we were already working on the process to make my sister’s trip happen,” Dolzadelli said.  “At the end, my sister got her tourist visa granted and was able to visit and meet her nephews. I cannot express what this meant to me, my kids and everyone in our family.”

And Esty was happy to help.

“Nobody should have to go more than a decade without seeing their loved ones just because of bureaucracy and red tape,” Esty said. “Dionisia’s trip to Connecticut was a long time coming. I’m glad they made the most of it, and I hope the entire family is able to get together again soon.”