Simsbury police find missing child using new equipment

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SIMSBURY - Simsbury police are proving the value of their newest equipment.

Last Thursday, officers used a pair of tracking receivers, through Project Lifesaver, to find Fox Buckley, 5.

Fox has autism and has a habit of wandering off.

He wears a small transmitter around his ankle, which pinged in right away, and officers found Fox up on a dangerous ridge within a mile of his home.

Simsbury police encourage more to sign up for the technology...families with loved ones, young and old, who tend to wander off.  The tracking technology is suited for people with Alzheimer's and dementia.

"Now that we know that it works, this is a great thing," Fox's mother, Rebecca Buckley, said.  "I think every child with autism should have it, and every person who could tend to wander should have it, it’s a simple thing."

Simsbury police said it's a one-time fee of $300 to get set up with Project Lifesaver, and if someone can't afford it, the PD says it has options to cover the costs.