Epic Easter egg hunt an annual tradition in West Hartford

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WEST HARTFORD - On Easter Sunday at Conard High School, an annual Easter egg hunt of epic proportions took place for children and their parents who attend the Calvary Fellowship Church.

The football field was prepared for a different sort of sport as hundred of kids dashed around the field scooping up dozens of candy-filled eggs.

"We have 15,000 eggs in total," said Bill LaMorey, Pastor of Calvary Fellowship. "We're expecting probably between the 2 services over 1,500 people."

Calvary Fellowship has hosted the hunt for six years, and the hour-long egg hunts today followed each of the morning's services.

"We can have kids, their families come, have a fun time," said LaMorey. " But also while they're here the kids are hearing about the Resurrection and the parents are hearing about it on their own level, as well."

Ingrid Deems brought children to the egg hunt.

"Coming to the Easter egg hunt has always been a family tradition of ours," she said.

Ingrid Deems said every year, her kids walk away with an impressive stash, more eggs than can fill their Easter baskets.

"The kids get tons of eggs which is a lot of fun," she said.

It is a fun family tradition that also reminds her and her family of the true meaning of the holiday.

"It reminds us that Jesus loves us, that He died for us, and today He lives for us, and we can share in that hope, as well," she said.