Milford trying to combat changing coastal environment

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MILFORD--On Tuesday night, the city of Milford held a meeting with residents and homeowners to discuss its "Coastal Resilience Plan."

The plan, currently a draft, addresses how Milford can adapt to a changing coastal environment and tackle issues including storm surges, sea level rise, tidal flooding and coastal erosion.

The city is exploring several options, including building seawalls and bulkheads, restoring beaches and dunes and elevating roads and homes.

Milford says it will look into state and federal funding, as well as grants, to cover costs.

Mary Corkery, who lives along Milford's shoreline, said she has had to evacuate several times because of the weather. "We all put sandbags in front of our walls and doors and hope for the best," said Corkery.

Luise Puzzo, who attended Tuesday night's meeting, said she has watched the sand around her home erode over the last 30 years. "There's no sand," said Puzzo. We're down to the absolute bottom of our sea wall, which has never happened before."

Puzzo said the city has conducted multiple studies over the years without implementing any solutions. "We always just get as far as the study," said Puzzo. "Because then it's a problem to get the get somebody to put the plan into action."

Milford said its appropriations relating to Hurricane Sandy run out in 2016 and 2017.

Click here to read the draft.