Woman shocked in Bristol after truck takes down power lines

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BRISTOL – A woman was shocked after a truck took down power lines at a Bristol intersection on Friday morning.

Just before 11 a.m., a FedEx truck was heading south on Church Street and the man driving turned left onto South Street. As the truck passed through the intersection, the top of the delivery truck struck a low power line across the roadway.

As the truck continued east on South Street, the power line and all of the connected utility wires were pulled down. The telephone pole snapped and the wires wrapped around the truck as it came to a stop. As the truck was wrapped in a charged power line, the driver could not leave the vehicle, as he would have then been grounded and electrocuted.

Shortly after, EverSource arrived and turned the power off. With the power off, the driver of the truck was able to leave his vehicle uninjured.

As the wires were pulled down by the truck, a woman heading west on South Street reported being shocked as she drove by by the FedEx truck. She was conscious and alert, and taken to Bristol Hospital for evaluation.

The investigation is not complete but no citatiations are expected.

The intersection of South Street, Union Street, and Church Street is closed while crews repair the damage. The repair will take until around 6 p.m. drivers are asked to find an alternate route. Area residents and businesses in the area may experience a power loss.

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