DEEP rescues sick bald eagle in Thomaston

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THOMASTON — Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officers made an important rescue Friday morning in Thomaston. DEEP was called to a report of a sick or injured bald eagle.

Officers were able to capture the eagle quickly and immediately transported him to the Audubon Center in Sharon for medical care, the DEEP wrote on Facebook.

“We have been receiving regular updates on its condition,” the post said. “The first 24 hours were touch and go, but the staff was finally able to stabilize him Saturday night. The next morning he was more alert, more aggressive, and standing on his own.”

The eagle was taken to a veterinarian where they tested his blood and found some form of toxin in his system that was impacting his liver. But doctors were able to give him a fluid therapy that stabilized his system and they even got him to eat.

Now, officials are trying to determine what type of toxin sickened the eagle in the first place.

The eagle had been tagged, so the DEEP knows he is 7-years-old and a native of Connecticut! DEEP says Audubon Sharon helped to save the bird.

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