Connecticut production company wants you to join a jam session in virtual reality

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WINSTED -- The world of virtual reality is amping things up at a Winsted-based guitar maker.

K. Michael Clark Guitars uses old world techniques to create their crafts but, now, they are collaborating with CTGS Productions in Thomaston. Together, the two local businesses are using virtual reality to bring the private concert experience to the masses.

"You put the virtual realty goggles on and it really transports you to the scene you're watching," said Craig Ziogas, a partner at CTGS.

virtual reality musicZiogas and Meriden-based marketing firm Bright Spot Creative have outfitted a second-story space at Clark Guitars for bands to play. It just so happens that Mike Mushok, who played guitar in the band Staind, is also an owner at K. Michael Clark Guitars. Now, he is the front man in the virtual reality promotional video they've created, and he's using his rock star contacts to get more artists to create more content.

"I think it could really grow into something and bring in some really diverse artists," Mushok said.

Using about seven Go-Pro cameras all assembled together, the video works seamlessly with the virtual reality goggles and headphones to create an immersive experience.

"You feel like you are 2 feet away from the person playing to you," Mishok said. "You are in it."

The team uses the Oculus Rift System, a program owned by Facebook. Ziogas added that he thinks the VR application he and his team are using  is a new wave in entertainment.

"We've been in TV for over 20 years and to see this new way to tell stories through video -- we're super excited."