Listen: Man makes bomb threats to Hartford police, courthouse in 6-minute 911 call

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HARTFORD–A man was arrested after calling in a bomb threat to the Hartford Police Department.

Around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday a call received by dispatch threatening police. The man started off by saying “I have to put a bomb at the Hartford Police Station today, courtesy of the citizens of Hartford,” and went on to explain several times over six minutes that if a jury wouldn’t show up for him in court, then the courthouse would “have to come down.”

“If there ain’t no way to get a jury in the courthouse, then the courthouse has to go,” the caller said.

The man, who identified himself as Douglas Cameron, said he was calling from the McKinnley Shelter located at 34 Huyshope Ave. Cameron spoke to the dispatcher for about six minutes before hanging up after he confirmed that officers were on their way to listen to him. Police quickly found him and arrested him.

Cameron was charged with first-degree threatening. He has been arrested 31 times.

The station was checked for bombs, but nothing was found. Cameron did say in the call that he hadn’t yet planted any bombs, but that he was going to. “I’m going to put a diode into a speaker, I’m going to let it off right inside the front of the courthouse. Bang.”

During the call he went on to discuss his time in the United States Army–though we have not been able to confirm if he served–and said that the judges in the Hartford courthouse had erased all records related to his service, during which time he said he killed 311,000 people.

“If there ain’t no jury, that courthouse is coming down. I killed 311,000 people for this country, and all the transcripts were erased in the courthouse by the judges,” Cameron said.

You can hear the full 911 call here, but warning: there is some profanity used.