‘Intentionally missing’ Wolcott man arrested in New Jersey

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WOLCOTT —  Wolcott police have closed the case of Wolcott man who went from missing to “intentionally missing.”

Scott Basile, 23, was removed from the National Crime Information Center as a missing person after Wolcott police received word from the Police Department in Fort Lee, New Jersey that he was arrested there for giving false information about his identity.

Basile was reported missing in January when he wasn’t seen for four days. The following day, a car that he borrowed from his stepfather was found crashed into a light pole in Stamford. When Stamford police arrived, no one was at the scene. A witness at the time indicated that a black man was driving the car and fled on foot. DNA evidence pointed police in the direction of people who were with Basile in early January. They said they dropped Basile off at a train station.

Then, in February, Wolcott Police stated that Basile was “intentionally missing” and that a warrant was out for his arrest charging Basile with criminal mischief, arson, and attempt to manufacture bombs. Basile’s family said that he had history of mental health issues.

Basile was arrested around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, and the Fort Lee Police Department is working with the Waterbury Police Department concerning extradition for their warrants.