Students say Frozen Four game is still a win for Quinnipiac

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HAMDEN -- The Quinnipiac University Bobcats lost the Frozen Four, with a defeat by the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks, 5-1.

The game may have taken place in Tampa, Florida, Saturday, but that didn't stop students at Quinnipiac from getting together and cheering on their team.

Students, staff, and fans, gathered for a campus watch party of the Frozen Four championship game at TD Bank Sports Center.

Despite a loss, the rise to the final game set a new sense of pride across campus.

"Everybody's wearing their Quinnipiac gear around campus and you can kind of tell the school spirit has increased tenfold in the last few days," senior Stephanie Javarauckas said.

Potential future Bobcats joined the watch party crowd.

"I'm really excited," 13-year-old Zach Callahan said. "Just to watch QU kick some butt."

Students feel, making it to the final game puts the university on the map, a true win for Quinnipiac.

"It just goes to show how a small college like this can be nationally ranked," student Joseph Monopoly said. "It makes us better as a school as a community and just makes us more well known."

The University of Connecticut women's basketball team, also setting an example for Connecticut college sports, winning its fourth straight national championship title.

"We're coming a long way now," QU freshman Kyle Trusch said. "Its really awesome to be a part of it, be a part of this state, see it grow like this."

Quinnipiac lost in the title game for the second time in four seasons.