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A mother’s plea for her daughter’s care as state budget cuts loom

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SANDY HOOK -- Stacey Daves-Ohlin is making a plea to lawmakers as they figure out how to tackle the state's $900+ million deficit.

"It's probably the most important thing I've ever done in my life," said Daves-Ohlin. "Nothing means more to me than my child."

Her daughter, Sidney, was born with a developmental disability and relies on programs made possible through the Department of Developmental Services. But in an effort to cut costs across the board, the latest version of the budget includes cutting that Department's budget by nearly 50%.

"It makes me sad that people who need a lot of help will not be able to have it," said Sydney, who has aspirations of becoming a teacher. "It's upsetting to hear other people's stories of why we need these services."

Both mother and daughter are writing to their representatives to try and get an audience to explain why these proposed cuts would be so harmful.

"I am willing to sit an volunteer with Governor Malloy and go over the budget with him line by line and say 'where can you make cuts that make sense' and this makes no sense," said Daves-Ohlin.

Lawmakers are hoping to have a budget plan in place by the end of April.

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