$2,500 reward offered after cat set on fire in New Britain

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NEW BRITAIN--A reward is now being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for a heinous act of animal cruelty in New Britain.

On Thursday, a dead cat was found in the middle of the road on Bingham Street, with 2/3 of his body charred. The cat was a local stray that was beloved.

Sylvia Marotta, who turned the cat over to New Britain Police, joined Deanna Damen on Monday to circulate flyers in the Bingham Street area.

The flyers offer a $2,500 reward and show a horrifying photo of the friendly stray cat after it was burned.

The cat, which Marotta named Murphy, was burned almost head to tail and smelled of gasoline.

The brutality of it all remains burned into the asphalt, with scorch marks where Murphy was found.

"To know that that's where he, oh, I, I, I," Damen stammered while looking over at the spot, "It's a constant reminder of the evil that is in this world today.

Damen said she's putting up the first thousand dollars of the $2,500 reward. She's asking people to donate on her Facebook page, Pet Offenders, to cover the rest. [Warning: photos on that Facebook page are disturbing and not appropriate for all audiences.]

Damen said if the rest of the money isn't raised, she'll cover the whole reward to help bring this criminal to justice.

Damen has also set up a GoFundMe page for donations. WARNING: The pictures on the page are very graphic.