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Strong support from SCSU students in primary

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NEW HAVEN--Dozens of Southern Connecticut State University students turned out for a primary watch party on Tuesday night.

The majority of students in attendance supported Bernie Sanders, although there were a few supporters for Donald Trump and John Kasich. The student-led panel explained their voting decisions and debated about the candidates. They also discussed how they will vote in the general election.

"If he [Sanders] doesn't win, I will back Hillary, hesitantly," said student Ratasha Smith. "But I am a Democrat, so if that's what we have to do to beat Trump and not have a President Trump, I'm going to do that."

Sophomore Robert Kiely, a registered Independent and member of College Republicans, said he would rather vote for a Democrat than Donald Trump.

"I wasn't too surprised about Trump winning Connecticut because he's a front-runner in everything," said Kiely. "He'll probably win the nomination. But me personally, I wouldn't want Trump to win the nomination because I wouldn't want him to be the face of the Republican Party."

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won the primaries in Connecticut.

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