State Police use Instagram to catch accused reckless motorcycle driver

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NEW HAVEN -- A New Haven man is facing dozens of reckless driving charges after State Police tracked him down using Instagram. In November 2015, Troopers started trying to crack down on the "dangerous operators" in the New Haven area.

Gabriel Canestri"Law enforcement personnel throughout the state have been receiving frequent complaints from citizens about reckless motorcycle and ATV riders on our highways and local roads," said Trooper Tyler Weerden in a statement Thursday. "Unfortunately, many times the offenders are gone before the Troopers arrive on scene. However, Troopers are now using social media to identify these operators who endanger the lives of other drivers."

Troopers located the Instagram account “Reckless_203," which has since been taken down, containing a large number of videos showing reckless operation of motorcycles, 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. Using landmarks visible in the video clips, Troopers identified several locations where violations occurred in Bridgeport, East Haven, and on I-95 and I-91. Some of his pictures and videos even show him being chased by the cops or speaking with officers.

New Haven Superior Court granted a  search warrant for the Instagram account and Troopers were able to identify one of the operators of the Instagram account. Gabriel Canestri Jr., 21, was arrested Thursday on $50,000 bond and appeared in New Haven Superior Court.

He is charged with 15 counts of reckless endangerment, 23 counts of reckless driving, 24 counts of operating a motorcycle without face protection, and 1 count of misuse of registration plate.