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All-girls robotics team is on a roll…all the way to Lego Land

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FARMINGTON-- A group of 7th- and 8th-grade girls in Farmington are going places with their robotics project -- faraway places.

The six girls are STEM stars and call their group Team 3D Xtreme. The all-girl team recently took top honors at the Connecticut state championship for the First Lego League competition, a huge feat. They were also one of the few all-girls teams.

"There were 190 teams in Connecticut and there were 48 teams at the state competition," said team member Emmy Nollman.

The team will head to Carlsbad, California to compete in at the First Lego League international competition next month. Carlsbad is the home of Lego Land, where teams from as far away as South Korea will match wits and put their robots, all made of legos, to the test.

Lisa Nollman, a mechanical engineer who also helps to coach Team 3D Xtreme, said, "Girls don't sign up for these programs like this as much, so we wanted to do an all-girls team to expose more of them to it."

The team is busy raising funds for their trip in May, and if you'd like to help click here.

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