Warning issued after severe canine respiratory infection outbreak detected at Windsor kennel

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WINDSOR -- The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association is monitoring an outbreak of canine severe respiratory infection at a kennel in Windsor, the CVMA announced Thursday.

Symptoms of canine severe respiratory infection include coughing, fever, pneumonia, and epistaxis, or bleeding from the nose. Tests for canine influenza virus have turned up negative so far, according to CVMA, but they are conducting other tests.

The infection broke out at the Day Hill Kennel, which has since scaled back operations.

The kennel said about a dozen dogs last week came down with the cough.  They were all treated with antibiotics at a pair of veterinary centers--Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center in Middletown and New England Veterinary Center in Windsor--but one of the dogs developed pneumonia and died. A necropsy will be performed on the deceased dog to determine the cause of the illness.

Since the outbreak the kennel shutdown about 2/3 of the facility and scrubbed those sections with bleach. Day Hill has also suspended its doggie daycare.

"We’ve been notifying any clients that are picking up their dogs of the situation and what symptoms to look for in their dog," kennel co-owner Roger Ball said.

The kennel requires up-to-date vaccinations, including one against Bordetella. Chances are the respiratory infection was contracted outside the kennel and brought in.

"No other veterinary hospitals are treating cases, to our knowledge and cases seem to be isolated to one facility," said CVMA.

The state veterinarian has been advised of the situation, as has the Department of Agriculture, both of which are assisting in the investigation.

If you have any cases that show similar signs, please call the Office of the State Veterinarian at (860) 713-2505.

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