Manchester teen fights bullying with ‘Save One’ organization

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MANCHESTER – Bullying is a problem everywhere, but in one town where parents have complained of bullying, there is a teen fighting back and speaking out.

Manchester High School junior Jonathan Miller wants to be a voice for bullying victims. He hopes by sharing his own story of being taunted, he can help end a problem too many kids have to deal with.

Miller hopes his organization, SaveOne, can be a place where he can help not just people who are being bullied, but also bullies themselves.

He started the organization when he was 15-years-old. By the time he was 18, the teenager spoke in a Ted Talk at his high school and traveled to Puerto Rico to speak at several schools there. He shares his story of being bullied, beginning in the fourth grade.

“Halfway through sixth grade I went home one day, locked myself in the bathroom and started thinking about dying, thinking about giving up,” Miller said.

Ending bullying was worth living for, which is why he started his peer-to-peer organization. He said the way he helps other teens is just by being there for them, as a friend.

“Saving one person from depression or suicide or bullying...” he said. “If I didn’t get bullied and if I didn’t get through it like I did, then SaveOne would have never happened.”

Miller hopes his efforts send an important message to teens across the world.

“You`re not stupid. You`re not weird. You`re not slow. You’re who you are. You’re who you’re meant to be,” Miller said. “Just embrace who you are and don`t give up."

Miller is working to register SaveOne as a non-profit organization. He is also looking to speak at more schools in Connecticut and around the world and hopes people will donate to his organization.