Pants that help burn calories and slim your waistline?

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WEST HARTFORD--Try stepping up your workout with every step you take. Yes, it's possible, thanks to a Connecticut man's invention.

McCullough Shriver created SweetFlexx pants, which help shape and mold your legs while you walk!

Shriver says the John B. Pierce Sports Lab at Yale "worked out" the numbers--walking around in the pants burns 30 to 40 more calories per half hour than you do while wearing ordinary pants.

"The bands want to pull in one direction, but your muscles have to work just a little bit harder to pull the bands in the opposite direction," Shriver said.

A patent is pending on the yoga-type pants, which are made in California.

They retail for $98, and there are sizes for both men and women, so everyone has the chance to try out this brand new "workout."

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