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Boyfriend changes story over Stamford Christmas fire that killed 5

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HARTFORD — The contractor who took the blame for accidentally starting a 2011 Christmas Day house fire in Stamford, Connecticut that killed his girlfriend’s three children and her parents now says it was the children’s mother who left a bag of fireplace ashes in a mudroom.

The Hartford Courant reports Michael Borcina told attorneys during a lawsuit deposition that he lied to police to protect Madonna Badger.

Borcina had told authorities he put the ashes in the room. The children’s mother, Madonna Badger, has said the contactor ran his hands over the ashes to make sure they were out before putting them in the mudroom. She says she believes the fire may have been electrical in origin.

Borcina and Badger escaped the fire in Stamford.

Borcina later agreed to pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit.

The deposition is part of one of several lawsuits filed by the children’s father, Matthew Badger.

Matthew Badger, the father of the three girls killed in the fire, now says he won’t rest until he gets answers about why his “precious” daughters died.

Matthew Badger’s attorney says they’ll continue pressing their case until they get “the whole truth.”

Badger wants to know what caused the Stamford house fire. The fire killed his daughters and their maternal grandparents, his wife’s parents.

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