Wallingford woman creates humorous coloring book for moms

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WALLINGFORD - "We all need a laugh and some stress relief," says Kathy Shimmield, author of A Day In The Life Of Mom.

The book came to be after this Wallingford woman noticed the adult coloring book craze during weekly trips to the bookstore with her husband.

"I started to look through them and I thought - it would appeal to me if it was done in a humorous way," she says.

So, Shimmield self-published her first book in December and a follow-up in March.  Each page illustrates a situation that mothers encounter everyday with wit and sarcasm.  "Here’s a familiar sight, dishes in the kitchen sink," she reads, from a page in the book.

"Oh look! There are multiple glasses because your kid didn’t wash the last glass they just used AGAIN!"  Shimmield was inspired by life with her three children, all teenagers.