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‘Chewbacca Lady’ gets great gifts after winning the internet

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The woman who found the secret to happiness in a Chewbacca mask has reaped some rad rewards for her kids.

Candace Payne went to Kohls, as you do, and found a hidden treasure: A ridiculous $20 talking Chewbacca mask that will probably sell out on Amazon now.

The mask is really something, but the true hidden treasure here is Payne herself.

In a simple four-minute video posted to her Facebook page, Payne tries on the mask and bursts into laughter again and again. Maybe it’s her central casting-worthy chortle, or her soothing delivery or the sight of Chewbacca with a mismatched lady voice coming out of his mouth, but something about it really hit people the right way.

Payne posted the video on her Facebook page on Thursday, and by Saturday afternoon it had 115 million views. She made the front page of Reddit, where thousands of users admired her contagious mirth. She was even congratulated by a Reddit account belonging to Peter Mayhew, the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Since she made the internet’s day, Kohls wanted to make hers, so they gave her Chewbacca masks for the whole family and a little extra Star Wars swag, too.

Not a bad way of using the force of positive PR for the good of Kohls, either.

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