Sisters injured in Waterbury hit-and-run accident

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WATERBURY – A women was seriously injured in a hit-and-run in Waterbury Saturday night.

Police said that at around 6 p.m. Saturday, Sonia Velez, 45, parked her Nissan Murano curbside in the eastbound lane in front of 1722 East Main Street.

She got out of her car and started to cross the street when a blue SUV traveling west went into the eastbound lane and struck her, throwing her to the curb.

Police said that immediately after hitting Velez, the SUV grazed the rear car door being opened by Velez’s sister, Elizabeth. This impact caused the door to slam back into Elizabeth’s head, cutting it.

Police said the SUV briefly stopped, then drove away traveling west on East Main.

Police said Sonia Velez had significant head and face damage, and a fractured pelvis. She was taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital. Her condition was not considered life threatening.

The SUV was described as a blue Blazer-type SUV with a black man driving it.

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