Fighting opioid abuse in CT: Governor signs major bill into law

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HARTFORD -- Gov. Dan Malloy has signed into law the latest legislative effort to combat opioid abuse in Connecticut.

This year's bill, which he signed during a ceremony Friday at the Legislative Office Building, limits first-time prescriptions for adults to seven days. That change will take effect starting July 1.

The bill also requires cities and towns to amend their emergency service plans by Oct. 1 to ensure first responders are trained and equipped with drugs to help reverse opioid overdoses.

Malloy was surrounded by lawmakers, advocates and families who've lost loved ones to drug abuse. They included Sue Kruczek, whose 20-year-old son Nick died in 2013 from a heroin overdose. He previously took pills.

"I'm just really tired of hearing other families battling this disease and children dying. In hopes of telling Nick's story, I can reach a few people and save a few kids and help their families not go through what we're now living," said Kruczek. "Get help. It's out there and this can be beat. I'm not saying it's easy but it can be beat and get the help you need so your mom and dad are living like we are."

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