Foodie Friday: Ted’s Restaurant

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MERIDEN - We've got burgers on the mind this Memorial Day weekend, but we're not going to be just "Grillin' and Chillin." This Foodie Friday we're "Dreamin' of Steamin" in Meriden!

Since 1959, Ted's Restaurant, which is in its original location on a Broad Street, has been serving up its signature steamed cheeseburgers.

A special blend of meat, ground to perfection, with all the traditional toppings plus Ted's steamed creations. You can try southwest chipotle ranch or garlic avocado mayo or mango chutney and pineapple.  It's all covered with a two ounce block of cheddar cheese that oozes with flavor.

"When you grill a burger, you are searing in all the fats and oils into that sandwich," said third-generation owner Bill Foreman.  "When we cook it, we actually use those fats and oils to cook the sandwich around it so you get a really moist burger that's juicy, but it's also flaky and not very almost crumbles in your mouth."

Foreman, who's great uncle Ted started the business, carries on this steamy tradition.

"The steam box is pretty simple," said Foreman. "It's basically a rectangular pan on the bottom and there are two cabinets above it, each cabinet has shelves in it and each one can hold 24 trays."

Those trays hold Ted's famous burgers which attract customers from all over.

"They are moist, the flavor bursts in our mouth," describes John Turbeville of Stratford. "It's just an awesome experience."

"Every person that walks through that door is somebody we want to talk to," Foreman said. "We want to know why you are here. How did you find out about us."

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