Celebrating Global Running Day with a jog through Hartford’s Riverside Park

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HARTFORD--Dozens were in gear at Hartford's Riverside Park on June 1 to celebrate Global Running Day by taking some stride.

"Running doesn't even have to include fast running," said Natalie Carpenter, assistant manager of West Hartford's Fleet Feet Sports. "Running can even include run walking, walking, it's really about just being active, getting that exercise, getting the blood pumping."

The All 4 Run event was put on by West Hartford's Fleet Feet and the Hartford Marathon Foundation. It included giving out snacks, nutrition information and letting participants try on new running shoes.

Of course, it also included running.

"Everyone is a runner on global running day," said Beth Shluger, executive director of the Hartford Marathon Foundation. "We're taking people out on trail runs, and road runs, and kid runs, and I don't wanna run runs, and I love running runs, and I hate running runs!"

Shluger said there are many benefits to exercise and fitness, and anyone can do it.  She said, "You don't have to be a marathon runner, you can be a 2 mile runner, you can be a 1 mile runner, you can walk. Just be fit."

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