Dog killed after being bitten by venomous snake at Giuffrida Park in Meriden

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MERIDEN--A warning to park visitors in Meridenbeware of poisonous snakes.

That's the message Wendy Nordgren, 41, is spreading at Giuffrida Park after a Copperhead snake bit her dog, Buster, at least twice. Buster had to be put down because it was too late for anti-venom to work by the time he was treated.

Now, Nordgren wants the park to post signs, at least in the parking lot, that there are venomous snakes in the area.

"If they could get the Fight The Bite (sign) for ticks," Nordgren said, "then they should put a Fight The Bite (sign) for the poisonous snakes that are in the park."

Copperheads are one of two venomous snake species in Connecticut.  The other one is the Timber Rattlesnake, which is endangered.

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