New Haven high school’s newest building provided education for students as it was constructed

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NEW HAVEN--Two buildings--one an older farmhouse style building, the other a sleek modern display of architecture--have some common ground.

Together, they make up the campus at Common Ground High School, New Haven’s urban-farm-based high school.

"It's both an urban environment, and a natural environment because they are very much related to each other," said Melissa Spear, the executive director of the school.

The school has grown from its modest start, and now caters to 180 students. With the newer building, the school can continue expanding.

Sophomore Hector Roman is amazed at how well the design came together.

"I thought it was kinda of crazy. I saw the model that they had of the actual building, and I was like 'I don’t think it’s possible,'" Roman said.

But now, as part of his sustainable design class studies, he’s well versed on what’s possible when it comes to green design.

"We did the frame structure out of this wood, like, there’s absolutely no iron whatsoever," Roman explained.

Even though the building just opened up Thursday, it’s been teaching the kids for quite some time; students have had a hands-on approach in designing the building, and in the process they learned what could work, what could be sustainable, and what could be environmentally-friendly.

The new building houses science labs, art classes and open space to host community events.