Set sail in Narragansett Bay aboard the Heritage

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NEWPORT, R.I. -- If you travel to the "City by the Sea," you may as well make good use of it. So, we are off to the races in Newport, Rhode Island.

The outfit known as 12 Meter Charters has created a yachting experience aboard its 64-foot Americas Cup boat called the Heritage, which has been making waves since it first hit the water as a competitive racer in 1970.

"A 12 Meter (yacht) is essentially emblematic of Newport," said Eli Massar, the owner of Heritage as well as a crewmember on the historic craft.

With it's bright varnish spruce hull, the Heritage is unmistakable in the usually calm waters of the Narragansett Bay.

The best part? Visitors don't just go along for the scenic ride aboard the 16 person boat--they also can get involved.

"We can put you to work hoisting or trimming sails or, if you want, you can sit back and relax," said Gus Kineke, the captain of the Heritage. Passing iconic sights like the Newport Mansions, the Pell Bridge, and the unique house on the rock known as "Clingstone" there is no shortage of memories to take in. Massar said, "Newport has character, Heritage has character, our crew has character, so come out and we'll show you a good time."

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