DMV system bugs cause backup

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HARTFORD – There were long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles Saturday morning due to a computer issue.

Connecticut residents who wanted to register their vehicles were impacted, but the licensing side of things was working fine, according to DMV Chief of Staff Bill Seymour.

Everyone had been processed by the time DMV offices closed, which is 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays, though some who were waiting in line and didn’t want to wait were given tickets to come back next week, according to Seymour.

It is not exactly known what caused the computer problem. After the fact, the computer logs showed that something happened with the system after midnight.

The DMV contacted vendor 3M Saturday morning when the offices opened and the problem occurred and 3M is working on it remotely through the weekend.

When DMV offices closed Saturday, the computer log showed that the problem had been resolved. Specifically, the problem was that staff couldn’t cash clients out without restarting the computer and having to start over with inputting their information.

By the close of business Saturday, clients were able to get all the way through the registration process without staff having to reboot their system.

Seymour anticipates being ready to conduct business without any problems when offices reopen onTuesday.