Yellowbrick: a Connecticut-based online resource for moms and dads

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BLOOMFIELD -- We're all a little bit like Dorothy, as she skipped down that vibrant path toward an important destination.

"Life is a journey. Parenting is a journey. We're all on this road," says Matt Connell, a father of two in West Hartford, and a founder of the newly launched website, named for the concept illustrated in "The Wizard of Oz."

"Wouldn't it be nice if in this journey of parenting — that is difficult at times — we all got some help along the way?"  Connell and his business partner, John Christensen, a UConn professor, scoured the internet and couldn't find a comprehensive space that provided credible, valuable information to parents while allowing them to interact.

So they created one.

"Yellowbrick is an educational website that's focused on parenting," Christensen says of the site that covers everything from prenatal issues to grandparenting, as well as topics surrounding wellness, finances and technology.

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