East Haven High School marching forward after turmoil

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EAST HAVEN--A surprise that has been in the works for months has finally arrived at East Haven High School.

School Board member Lou Pacelli told FOX 61 that when students showed up Monday for school, they were welcomed by the sight of a freshly decorated and painted trailer for the marching band.

"They're an award-winning band and they deserve to be recognized when they drive up," said Pacelli.

Jacquelyn Adinolfi, a senior member of the band said, "My eyes just lit up basically because it's just so nice."

Her mom, Kim Adinolfi, works closely with the band as co-president of the Parent Association, and she has two daughters in the band. She and her daughters couldn't believe it when another parent, Clem Laurello, offered to pay the bill for the trailer.

Laurello doesn’t even have children in the band.

Jacquelyn said, "It’s just so nice to see someone who would donate to our band like that."