Safety tips to avoid harm when around power lines

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BERLIN--Eversource is offering helpful suggestions to avoid getting hurt when it comes to coming in contact with power lines.

In a display today, the energy and gas company showed FOX 61 what happens when trees, metal or other items come in contact with the more-than-7,000 volts of electricity the lines carry.

  • Check for overhead lines before getting up on ladders to clean gutters or using long-handled pool vacuums that could reach within 10 feet of the lines.
  • Don’t let Mylar balloons become a party spoiler. Keep them tethered and attached to weights at all times. The metallic coating on these balloons can cause a power outage when it comes into contact with overhead electrical equipment.
  • Never attempt to retrieve a balloon, kite or other debris that becomes entangled in an overhead power line. Instead, report it to Eversource so a lineworker can safely remove it.
  • If using power tools to work outside, make sure extension cords are marked for outdoor use and rated for the power needs of the tools being used. Also, check to be sure cords aren’t frayed or cracked. Damaged or overloaded cords may lead to electric shock and serious injury.