Trump wins primaries in NJ, NM, SD, Montana; Clinton wins in NJ, NM; Sanders wins ND; results pending in CA

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have won the presidential primaries in New Jersey, one of half a dozen states heading to the polls on the final day of voting for Republicans.

The presumptive Republican nominee also won the primaries in South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana, while Clinton also nabbed a victory in New Mexico.

Bernie Sanders did get a win in North Dakota, but it is now impossible for him to get the number of delegates needed to be the Democratic nominee.

In fact, during her victory speech Tuesday night, Clinton finally claimed victory publicly, saying, “thanks to you we’ve reached a milestone.” This was nearly eight years to-the-day after she conceded the Democratic nomination to now President Barack Obama.

The other states holding primaries on Tuesday include California–the biggest prize of all–and Montana.

While Tuesday is the end of the Republican primaries, the Democrats have one last contest in Washington D.C. next Tuesday.

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