Another shot for pro soccer in Hartford? It’s possible, team owner says

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HARTFORD--A local man is pressing Hartford city officials to provide the field for a pro soccer comeback.

Aaron Sarwar, 29, whose family owns Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan in West Hartford, has bought the rights to Hartford City Football Club.  It was the professional soccer team which was supposed to play at a renovated Dillon Stadium.

Tens of millions of dollars in renovations, however, didn't happen due to a federal investigation into suspected mishandling of funds.

Sarwar says necessary improvements are far less expensive, only tens of thousands of dollars, to make Dillon Stadium compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which could open the gates for pro soccer.

Part of his plan is to renovate the metal bleachers, which can seat 5,000 people.

"All it takes is a ramp and extending the first landing," Sarwar said.  "So there would be plenty of room there for wheelchairs."

Sarwar claims he has the coaching staff, roster and league lined up.  And exhibition games could be played at Dillon Stadium as soon as this summer.