Daniel Hand Tigers get rematch with Rams in lax title game

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MADISON - In the Class M lacrosse semi final on Wednesday night the Tigers of Daniel Hand won a hard-fought 8-7 victory over the Rebels of New Fairfield.

Head Coach Paul Deon and the players said the tough game was just what they expected and needed as they make a return trip to the finals on Saturday.

“It is lacrosse.  It is a game.  You have to keep believing in yourself. You just have to keep playing.  If your in a semi-final and it is not a sea-saw battle like that then something probably went wrong," he said after the game.

The Class M finals will be a rematch of last year's game against the Rams of New Canaan. The Tigers are looking for redemption as the Rams won last year's match-up 10-5. The game will be played at Brien McMahon High School with an expected start time of 3:30.