Father of Griswold heroin OD victim blames the state

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GRISWOLD - The parents of 17-year-old Olivia Roark said their daughter is a prime example of how being trusting and naive can ultimately lead to a tragedy.

The Monday before she went missing, Olivia's parents asked where she had gotten some new sunglasses and a purse.

She told them "my new boo." When her father, Bob Roark, asked how old the guy was, she told him on in his mid-20s.

"He is 40 years old," said Bob Roark. "That is a predator!"

The high school junior overdosed on heroin on Sunday, May 29, in a Groton motel. A week later, police arrested Ramon Gomez, 40, of Uncasville, on drug and prostitution charges.

"She was a victim," said Olivia's mother, Sherry Roark. "And, we believe she was held against her will."

Adele Bouthillier, 42, of Groton, was also charged, for supplying Olivia with the fatal dose and also for waiting four hours, after finding Olivia unresponsive, to call 911.

Olivia's dad said she started acting out a couple of years ago. He surmises it's due, in part, to the fact that his parents, with whom Olivia was very close, had both passed away.

He added that it is frustrating to read comments about Ramon Gomez on Facebook.

"There were policemen and corrections officers commenting about how over and over and over and over again they charged this guy, brought him in and he's still on the street," said Bob Roark, who said he blames the State of Connecticut’s laws.

Several years ago, Olivia's parents planted bamboo. This year, the day after her death, a beautiful Iris magically bloomed from beneath.

"She wasn't how she died," said her father.