2 rottweilers involved in 2014 mauling in Plainfield euthanized

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PLAINFIELD - Two dogs involved in a serious attack in 2014 were euthanized Friday, according to police in Plainfield.

On December 3, 2014 Lynn Denning was viciously mauled by multiple dogs. She was working in the home on Putnam Road as a home healthcare aide.

Denning suffered life threatening and life altering injuries.

Jenna Allen, 30, and Corey Beakey, 30, were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, 2 counts of possession of a nuisance dog, and 5 counts of failure to license a dog.

The day after the attack, Plainfield police ordered all six dogs in the house to be euthanized, saying it was impossible to know which of the dogs attacked Denning. Four of the dogs were later released back to Allen after police said they could only prove two of the animals, Phoenix and Malaki, took part.

Since the mauling, the Plainfield Police Department and Plainfield Animal Control Office moved to have the dogs euthanized. Allen and Beakey refused and court proceedings ensued, police said.

The State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture held hearings on the case. On March 18, the state affirmed the euthanized orders of the Rottweilers.

Allen had 45 days to appeal the decision to the Superior Court but failed to do so, according to a statement by police release Friday.  Fox 61 reached out to Allen for comment, but has not heard back from her.

Friday afternoon, the Plainfield Police Department assisted a State of Connecticut Certified Veterinarian in humanely euthanizing the two Rottweilers, Malaki and Phoenix,  at the Plainfield Animal Control Facility.

Lynn Denning released this statement to Fox 61 in response:

This whole situation is just sad. I don't feel good that these dogs had to be put down. If Jenna Allen was the least bit knowledgeable about dogs, she would have known you cannot keep several dogs of both sexes together when none of them are neutered. And as they age, the more aggressive they become. At the very least she should have kept records on the females and their heat cycles. Regardless, the dogs should never have been around people outside of the family. They should have been secured at all times, especially given the fact that different home health care workers were in and out of the home. I have been blamed by Jenna, her family and friends for this happening and as a result, her dogs had to be put down. It is not my fault in any way shape or form.

Police said the investigation is not closed and the Plainfield Police Department is seeking additional arrest warrants.

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