Connecticut congressional delegation calls for gun control in wake of Orlando massacre

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HARTFORD--On Monday, several of Connecticut's congressional leaders called on Congress to act in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, which has reignited the gun debate once again.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Elizabeth Esty said Congress' inaction needs to end.

Leaders once again called for an assault weapons ban, for universal background checks and urged Congress to make it illegal for individuals on the terror watch list to buy guns.

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"It makes absolutely no sense that if you have had an intersection with the FBI, that causes you to be denied access to a plane, that you would still be able to walk into a gun store and buy hundreds of rounds of ammunitions and dozens of guns,” said Murphy.

"We must see a nation unified behind action now,” said Blumenthal.

The leaders also urged a more tolerant dialogue in our country.

"This was an attack was an attack on democratic values, it was an attack on our identity, it was an attack on our freedoms,” said Esty.

Gun rights advocates have responded saying Connecticut’s two senators are more concerned with advancing their political careers.

Connecticut Citizens Defense League's president, Scott Wilson, said in a statement statement:

While CCDL members and most compassionate Americans are still thinking only of the victims and families of this horrific act, Senators Blumenthal and Murphy are more concerned with advancing their political careers. Once again our two senators are calling for more laws that would only impact persons who actually obey the laws of our society. The individual who perpetrated this mass shooting broke numerous laws, and it is bordering on insanity at this point for those looking to score political points over this incident to believe otherwise.