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Cat recovering after being found in Bristol with gunshot wound

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PLAINVILLE–A little kitty is hanging strong after being shot in the leg, but now he needs a home and some love.

On June 13 the Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue was contacted by a pet owner who said his cat had been injured. The rescue says that on Sunday night, the owner let the cat outside, but when he came back he was limping. This was in the area of Topview Terrace in Bristol.

The family could not afford the veterinarian bills, so the cat, named Buddy, was surrendered to the shelter on Monday night, and taken to the vet on Tuesday morning so his leg could be evaluated and the cause of harm could be determined. At that point, it wasn’t clear if a car had hit him, an animal had hurt him or a human had abused him while he was out on his walk.

Once the veterinarian checked out Buddy and took some x-rays. Before surgery, the vet believed that a human had abused Buddy by stepping on him or taking his arm and snapping it in half--x-rays showed his humerus was "completely broke and the bones have moved drastically."

However, during surgery it was determined that he had been shot, and the bullet had penetrated the bone and went out through the other side. It's not yet clear if there has been nerve damage, but if there was then the leg may need to be amputated. The more he improves, the less of a chance that will need to happen.

Buddy's surgery on Tuesday cost about $1,285, but so many people have donated that as of 1:30 p.m. only $254 more was needed to cover the bill! If you'd like to donate, call 203-727-8600, click here, or mail a check or cash to PO Box 778, Plainville, Connecticut, 06062.

Buddy will also be up for adoption as soon as he's healed, so contact Fur-Gotten Tails if you'd like to be a forever home for the little boy.

Meanwhile, Buddy continues to heal! On Wednesday, the rescue posted a fantastic update: "Surgery yesterday evening was a great success! This morning, he was already up walking, eating, purring and being extremely friendly! Our vet in completely amazed!"

Now, Animal Control has filed a police report for animal cruelty with the Bristol Police Department. In the meantime, Buddy is being cared for by a medical foster home, where he's been assigned to have extended cage rest.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, the animal rescue posted that Buddy is doing well, and is resting with some pain meds to ease the pain from the gunshot wound. He will be rechecked by the vet next week.