Investigation into burned cat in New Britain is closed

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NEW BRITAIN - The animal cruelty investigation of a cat found dead and burned on the street is now closed.

Police confirmed that a veterinary clinic concluded that "Murphy" was burned after it was dead, and the cat was likely hit by a car back in mid-April.

Sylvia Marotta, 31, who called police after her mother found Murphy's charred body on Bingham Street, doesn't believe it.

She's also upset that even though police charged two kids with animal cruelty, the court declined to proceed with prosecution.

"It's ridiculous. They're going to do something like that again, guaranteed 100 percent, they're going to do it," Marotta said.

Even if Murphy was already dead, police said animal cruelty still applied because the law prohibits animal mutilation.

Police had also charged the kids with breach of peace.