Police: Norwalk girl had ‘hit list’ of 29 students she wanted to harm

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NORWALK — Norwalk police say they have arrested a high school student after discovering she created a “hit list” of 29 other students.

Lt. Terrence Blake says the Norwalk Police Special Victims Unit began investigating Saturday after someone found a letter the girl wrote in January that listed the 29 other Norwalk High School students and threatened to harm them.

Blake says it was a “veiled” threat and authorities don’t believe the girl had access to weapons. He says it’s not clear why she was upset at other students.

However, police say that the girl was charged with 29 counts of misdemeanor breach of peace. Her name was not released because she’s a juvenile.

School officials say they contacted parents of students mentioned in the letter Sunday night.

Here is a statement from the school:

Administrators at Norwalk High School learned on June 12 about a letter that had been written in January that threatened several other students.  The school and district have been working closely with the Norwalk Police Department regarding this incident.

The safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance.  Families of individuals directly impacted were contacted immediately by the school to make them aware of the situation, and follow up informational meetings have been held by both the police department and the school district.  In keeping with our policies, the district issued a 10 day suspension of the student who issued the threat and an expulsion hearing is scheduled.

The student is a minor.  For privacy reasons, we cannot provide any additional student information.  Please contact the Norwalk Police Department for details about their investigation.