11-year-old Windsor girl ready to cook for Michelle Obama

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WINDSOR --  She's just 11 years old, but Kalaya Moody has got a lot on her plate.

The youngster just graduated fifth grade, and her next stop isn't middle school--it's the White House!

Kalaya is one of 1,200 young chefs who entered this year's "Healthy Lunchtime Challenge," a recipe competition put on by the Department of Education, The Department of Agriculture, PBS, and First Lady Michelle Obama. Kids 8-12 years old from all 50 states and the U.S. territories are eligible to enter, and Kalaya won for Connecticut.

"You have to stay healthy in the low-calorie range," she said of the requirements when devising a recipe that could win. "And it has to be in the five food groups too."

For her efforts, Kayala won a trip to the White House, where Michelle Obama will host a "Kids State Dinner"on July 15.

Kalaya's winning recipe entry is called "Springtime Lunchtime," and includes a healthy egg, chicken, and veggie muffin; flower shaped french toast; and a berry and banana smoothie.

"I'm a gymnast so I have to stay healthy," she added.

Kalaya's mother, Beverly, who will travel to the White House with her daughter, said, "This is making her focus and think about what to eat and what will help to grow."

Kalaya has some pretty big dreams ahead of her too.

"I really enjoy cooking and I would like to cook in the White House one day," she said.

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