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New Fairfield man arrested for making and selling illegal assault style weapons

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NEW FAIRFIELD -- On Tuesday, State Police arrested a man who is accused of manufacturing and selling assault weapons from his home.

Michael Giannone

Michael Giannone

Michael Giannone, 44, was charged with nine counts of possession of assault weapon, three counts of possession of silencers, 65 counts possession of high-capacity magazine, improper storage of firearms, risk of injury to a minor and possession of weapon on school grounds.

Giannone has a business card that says "No names, no numbers, no witnesses."

Giannone business card

Giannone was also arrested back in March, at which time he was charged with firearms trafficking, possession of assault weapon, sale of assault weapons, possession/sale of high-capacity magazine and illegal firearms transfer.

After his March arrest, police said Giannone was seen on the property of a New Fairfield school in possession of a firearm. After that arrest State Police searched his home and found many firearms, both rifles and handguns, in the workshop behind the house. Police also found assorted tools and equipment used to manufacture AR-15s, as well as AR-15 lower receivers and many pieces utilized in the making AR-15 rifles. Also, searches of the two family cars turned up more firearms and component parts.

Giannone was held on $100,00 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

Police seized:

  • 59 firearms, which included 48 legal firearms
  • Nine unregistered assault rifles, including two AK-47 assault weapons and five AR-15 assault weapons  with no serial numbers, including one rifle with an illegal silencer, as well as two additional silencers and 65 illegal high-capacity magazines
  • 12 illegal AR-15 lower receivers without serial numbers (which could make individual AR-15s)
  • Over 10,000 live rounds of ammunition
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