Foodie Friday: Scotties Frozen Custard

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COLCHESTER -- As summertime rolls in, what better way to beat the heat than with a frozen custard treat.

This Foodie Friday, we take you to Scotties Frozen Custard in Colchester. It's one of the few places in Connecticut that serves up this authentic taste.

The key is to limit the amount of air that is beaten into the custard, which helps create the creamy and dense consistency.  This procedure separates it from the typical ice cream.

The frozen custard is served at a temperature of 17-to-20 degrees which allows that unique texture and taste to come through.

At Scotties, the frozen custard is made daily in a machine that pumps out chocolate and vanilla.  From there, more than 40 flavors can be infused into the freshly made custard.

Each treat is made to order and blended by hand, giving it a homemade taste.

Mike Haggerty and Kathy Steffens own this seasonal hot spot, so stop by and tell them the Foodie Friday crew sent you.

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