Dirt bikes stolen in East Windsor, similar thefts in nearby towns

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Kawasaki KX250

EAST WINDSOR — Two dirt bikes were stolen in part of a “series of thefts” between three towns in the northern part of the state.

At some point late Thursday or very early on Friday, a suspect quietly snuck onto the trailer park property at 294 South Main Street, near the South Windsor town line along Route 5. Once in the area, the trespasser spotted the off-road vehicles behind an area secured by a chain and padlock.

The suspect used tools to cut the chain and remove the padlock by force, allowing access to the bikes.

The first bike is a 2005 green Kawasaki KX250 with an “Acerbis” sticker on the front number plate. The second bike is a 2004 red Honda CRF8 with a “Pennzoil” sticker on the frame, and the number 18 printed near the exhaust.

Honda CRF80

Honda CRF80

The South Windsor and Enfield Police Departments are working jointly with the East Windsor Police. They are investigating similar thefts in their area during this time frame and believe the stolen dirt bikes are connected.

Police are cautioning the public to exercise due diligence with valuable items that are out in the open.

Anyone with information should contact Sergeant Derek Leab at the East Windsor Police Department by calling (860) 292-8240, then dialing extension ‘1220.’