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Serious scooter crash in Bridgeport leads to warning for all scooter users

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BRIDGEPORT--Quads, mini bikes or motor scooters are all illegal to drive on Bridgeport’s streets, but the laws haven’t been much of a deterrent. So, the new police chief is hoping a new approach gains traction.

Over the weekend, Chief A.J. Perez released a video of an accident between a car and a motor scooter, which occurred at the intersection of Pearl and Orchard Streets last Wednesday afternoon. The accident was a result of the driver of the scooter, 20-year-old Luis Colon of Bridgeport, blowing through a stop sign, which led Colon to be throw from his scooter.

“The first time I watched the video, I thought we had a fatality,” said Perez. You can see the full video by clicking here, but warning: it may be too graphic for some viewers.

The good news: Colon survived the crash. In fact, he has already been released from Bridgeport Hospital. But he's not out of the woods in other ways.

“The traffic division is working on charges,” said Perez, who added this problem has persisted long enough.

However, one resident says police are partially to blame for the problem.

“The cops are driving right next to them and see them doing all this stuff and they don't even pull him over or anything,” said Susan Fernandez, who lives several houses down from where last week’s accident occurred.

The chief countered that police are making a concerted effort to address the danger though.

“We have, on weekends, unmarked vehicles looking for this kind of behavior,” said Perez.

Perez said he personally has even had a close call with a scooter that led to him confiscating one.

“Not too long ago, on Connecticut Avenue, one was heading the wrong way and almost hit us,” said Perez, who noted that kids often the culprits.

“They jump on their scooters, friend scooters, whoever they just ride it out like they think they're cool,” said Melissa Alago, who also lives close to the accident scene.

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