During a drought, timing is everything when it comes to watering your lawn

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With parts of the state half-a-foot of rain under average, the Department of Public Health issued a drought advisory, suggesting people follow water conservation recommendations from towns.

If you’re lawn is already brown, is it too late? No. You just got to give it ample amounts of water daily, and do that at the right time of day.

According to Paul Avitable, with Able Irrigation, "Timing is everything. Water in the early morning hours. You see most people water in the middle of the day, the sun is stealing a lot of it, it’s just not really good, efficient use of water."

So it’s not only healthy for your lawn, it will prevent wasted water.

"Give it a good drink, the sun comes up, dries the grass off, and now you have good soil moisture for the day," Avitable added.

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