DJ Gary Craig and 96.5 TIC FM apologize for offensive video

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HARTFORD --  96.5 TIC FM and it's morning host Gary Craig issued statements apologizing the controversial video Craig posted earlier in the week.

Local and state leaders had blasted the video posted to YouTube by Craig in which the morning DJ makes offensive comments during a visit to last weekend's Hartford Latino Fest.

The video features Craig walking around making comments and incorrectly identifying the flag of Puerto Rico as the flag of Cuba.

WTIC-FM emailed a statement Wednesday morning that said, “Gary’s video was inappropriate and was not in line with our station’s values.  We are taking this matter seriously and have communicated to Gary that there is no place for this type of content on our station.”

Craig, also issued a statement, saying, “I would like to take the time to address the video I made at last weekend’s Latino Festival.  I recognize that it was a poor attempt at being humorous.  It was insensitive and stupid, and I sincerely apologize."

“Gary Craig's video is repulsive and bizarre,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin. “I was at the riverfront Saturday afternoon, and the festival was everything I love about our city: people of all different backgrounds coming together at our beautiful riverfront to celebrate the dance, music and food of one of our largest and most vibrant cultural communities here in Hartford. CBS Local Media, the owner of 96.5 TIC FM, should get this trash off of their website."

"The derogatory comments made by Mr. Craig were point blank disgusting,” said City Council President T.J. Clarke. "There is absolutely no way these comments can be justified. For anyone to mention they walked into some ‘parallel universe’ while people were celebrating their culture at last weeks, Latino Fest needs a quick reality check on how culturally diverse this city is. I expect a public apology from Mr. Craig and the management staff of the radio station to the city of Hartford and organizers and members of the Latino community.”

“His comments were completely insensitive and degrading to the Latino population in this City and State,” said City Councilman Julio A. Concepcion. "Whether made in jest or not, his racist undertones are absolutely inexcusable and should be condemned by his employer.”

“I’m appalled by this racist behavior,” said State Representative Angel Arce. “The radio station needs to apologize to the community and take this video down immediately.”

Officials said Tuesday they haven't received an apology from Craig or WTIC radio.

The station is owned by CBS Radio and is located in Farmington. Craig has been on the station for decades and hosts an annual Christmas party for children in need.

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